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Here’s a report that is up-to-date from Best ICO specialists

Will I be mentioned on this particular list, as soon as I finish my investment? Indeed, coininfinity.io after the end of ICO campaign you will receive the “White List” state, and your logo and info could be listed on the real estate crowdfunding platform. What number of tokens can be purchased available? There is no limit for the number of tokens you are able to offer for sale. What happens if I sell the tokens before the token sale is completed? The maximum amount you can offer for sale is five % of the total volume of the available tokens.

If you reach the level , you will be added to the list of people who have sold the tokens of theirs. This shows that you won’t be able to offer them for sale again. If you would like to proceed with the purchase you will need to begin a new sale. Does it matter if I get mentioned on almost all crypto exchanges at once? Certainly no, that does not matter, at the end of the morning it is up to you exactly how you achieve the market place of yours.

Several of our associates have their own distinctive marketing approach while others decide to work with various other exchanges or perhaps marketplaces since it gives them a much better access to their markets as well as users. In order to do so, we will create a database which will hold all the info provided by every project. The database should then allow us to assess the potential risk related to a job as well as its potential to realize success.

We also believe that the ICO market will become a lot more prepared to take many types of tokens. This’s an end result of the point that a lot of ICOs have failed and several others have had a tough time getting mentioned on exchanges. Precisely why are you listed on the CryptoIQ Listing Partner Program? We are mentioned in 4 different platforms in which you and the shoe of yours can achieve a greater market through specific campaigns.

Why is it critical to be mentioned on CryptoIQ? You will find many places to list your ICO to get coverage but CryptoIQ is valuable, we have a dedicated development team who requires your ICO’s success to a totally new level by providing more than simply a listing, we care about the long-term results of the project of yours as we have the experience in marketing and advertising to see to it that folks wish to make use of the token and support your job.

What platforms do we have listings on? CryptoIQ has around ten crypto listing partners (currently) which are mentioned below: Bittrex. Cryptopia. Kraken. Bitfinex. Yobit. CEX.IO Hotbit. Fcoin. How can I have mentioned on an ICO platform?